T003 Super Seal

T003 Süper Mühür


FINE TAIL: Tail width 2.5 mm, total length 130 mm, 170 mm and 230 mm three different sizes.

MEDIUM TAIL: The tail width is 3,6 mm, total length is 180 mm, 280 mm, 330 mm and 400 mm.

When the tail is inserted into the locking slot, LOCK does not enter or lock when it is inserted in the reverse direction. The same result is obtained if the tail is locked 180 degrees around its axis.

It does not lose its locking function when it is kept in hot water.

The flag part is produced from polypropylene (PP) material and the tail part is produced from polyamide (PA) material.

The elastic body is high in elasticity and resistant to breakage.

Application Areas

  • Post and courier businesses,
  • Markets and marketing companies,
  • Shipping companies,
  • Banks,
  • Fuel and oil tanks.

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