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T002 Mini Mühür

Bead-Locking Plastic Seals

T002 Mini Seal: Total length 190 mm, tail length 150 mm and length of lockable part 105 mm, Used for locking small size materials. The body is made of polyethylene material and the inner part that performs the locking is produced from polyacetal material. The elastic body is high in elasticity and resistant to breakage.

T005 Midi Seal: Total length 320 mm, tail length 270 mm and lockable length 250 mm, made of PP or PE material. The lock has a locking bead made of polyacetal material. The seal body has high elasticity and resistance to breakage.

T001 Pratik Mühür

Self-Locking Plastic Seals

T003 Super Seal:

FINE TAIL: Tail width 2.5 mm, total length 130 mm, 170 mm and 230 mm three different sizes.

MEDIUM TAIL: The tail width is 3,6 mm, total length is 180 mm, 280 mm, 330 mm and 400 mm.

T001 Practical Seal:

The tail width is 7 mm and the total length is 33 cm and 43 cm.

Metal Klipsli Plastik Mühür

Metal-Locking Plastic Seals

Round Tail: 3.8 mm tail diameter, 300 mm, 400 mm and 4 mm tail diameter 500 mm length

Round Tail: 2 mm tail diameter, 300 mm and 400 mm length

Tear-Off options. Extra safety thanks to stainless steel clip, Laser logo and serial number printing, Barcode option for mobile applications (Code128, Code39 etc.).

Produced from polypropylene material. The elastic body is high in elasticity and resistant to breakage.

Kelebek Mühür

Steel Wire Security Seals

Butterfly Seal: Practical application for many sectors. From counters to customs, from trucks to military units, there are many solutions. Can not be interfered, Ready-to-use assembly, Polycarbonate finished, sturdy, durable body, Interior color in various colors, overlaying lid to prevent internal part, Serial number and company name on seal, Galvanized and stainless steel wire in desired dimensions.

Cable Seal: Aluminum and plastic body, 15 mm steel cable is the preferred seal in the transportation sector...

Plastik Güvenlik Kelepçesi

Plastic Handcuff

The total length is 540 mm, the tail width is 9 mm, there is a letter "ENTER" for proper application and "disposable plastic handcuff"

Single or multi-use, Can be opened with standard handcuff key, Made of PA and PP, strong, flexible, durable body, Possibility to produce in various colors

Areas of Application: Police, Gendarmerie, Private Security Firms

please contact us for any kind of plastic security seals and plastic handcuff needs and new design requests...